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Injured While Breaking Down Cardboard Boxes
Question: While breaking down cardboard boxes using a pocket knife, an employee cuts his arm. The occupational health nurse closes the wound using a product called zip stitch and the employee returns to work. Is it compensable?   -Nate B. 1/9/21


This would most likely be a compensable claim, the injury resulted directly from work. Colorado Worker's Compensation Act of 2018 states "The right to compensation is provided for.... if the following conditions occur: (b) Where, at the time of the injury, the employee is performing service arising out of and in the course of the employee's employment;" (See 8-41-301(b)). Because workers compensation is a no fault system, it doesn't matter if a pocket knife was used rather than a box-cutter, or how he was treated. The on-site treatment will probably result in less medical bills, but the injury will be considered compensable. -McKell S.1/17/21

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