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Worker ' s Compensation

Aichmophobia (Fear of Needles)
An employer offers a financial reward of $200 to take a voluntary covid vaccine. An employee loses consciousness before the needle enters his arm. Is it compensable?   -Nate B. 3/2/21


This is a very complicated question, though it seems simple. The description doesn't contain an injury, so there would be nothing to compensate. However, because the vaccine is voluntary, it would likely not be compensable. The $200 incentive would likely be considered a "suggestion" to get vaccinated. Even though the suggestion comes from the employer, if it is not required as a condition of employment, complications from the vaccine would likely not be covered. As always, the ultimate decision of compensability would be left to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), and could be interpreted differently. -McKell S. 3/4/21

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