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Worker ' s Compensation

Two employees are clearing vegetation behind an old warehouse that will likely be sold at an auction when they disturb a beehive. Both employees receive multiple bee stings. One employee requires emergency medical care and spends several days in the hospital. The second employee uses an ice pack to treat minor swelling on his arm and returns to work. Is it compensable?  -Nate B. 3/2/21


Both injuries would most likely be compensable. The employees (I assume the vegetation task is part of their duties) are acting within the scope of their employment, and the injuries arose directly from their actions as a result of their employment. I have dealt with very similar cases in multiple states that have all had compensable bee sting injuries. As always, a few details could change the outcome, but as it is written, I would assume these are compensable. -McKell S. 3/4/21

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