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Worker ' s Compensation

Work-related Anxiety, Depression & Stress
I’ve suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks due to the hostile work environment by supervisors for filing previous complaints. I was wrongfully arrested at work for false allegations filed by a supervisor who I had a short-term relationship with. I went to court and was acquitted of all charges, my employer (Other Supervisor) retaliated upon my return. I started taking leave in 2011 due to the stress and was diagnosed with the above. I filed a WC claim and was told on two occasions that it was not compensable. I continued working until my Dr. recommend I leave that office. I transferred and applied for another job with Fed Gov and they told them false and damaging things. I filed a lawsuit as my condition became more severe. I filed another WC in 2017 that is still pending. My Dr. states I’m no longer able to work due to the employer harassment. Emp. Dr. says unable to work. I’m receiving SSDI. A judge stated that my case is out of time after waiting 3 years - is that correct?  -L.W. 3/23/21


Hi L.W.. If you have filed suit, your attorney can answer most of the questions. I am not an attorney, and I cannot provide legal advice, but I can speak about Worker's Compensation laws/rules in general... and hopefully that helps. Each state has a set amount of time for a claim to be filed, if that time period is exceeded, the claim is denied by law. In New Jersey, the law states that worker's compensation must be filed within 2 years. If you filed an original workers compensation claim for stress within two years, you may have the opportunity to continue this in court (there is no time limit on the treatment). If you missed that window, you are probably out of luck, but you should speak with your attorney. -McKell S. 3/30/21

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