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OSHA Recordkeeping Scenarios

Under the Influence

Question: In a sad attempt to promote safety at work, an employee dresses in a costume and begins recording promotional videos without explicit approval from management. The employee falls down a flight of stairs and breaks multiple bones. The same employee also is found to be under the influence of THC after failing a drug test. Is it recordable?

Helping a Non-Employee

Question: An employee sees a beverage vendor vehicle stuck in the snow and ice in the company parking lot and goes out to help. While pushing the vehicle, the employee strains their back. A doctor prescribes muscle relaxers and physical therapy to the employee. Is it recordable?

Responding to After-Hours Emergency

Question: A safety manager receives a call at 1:30a regarding a serious injury that occurred to an employee during the night shift. The safety manager is required by his job responsibilities to drive to the hospital from his home to begin an investigation. On the way to the hospital, the groggy safety manager's company cell phone rings and as he reaches over to grab his cell phone he veers off of the road and rolls his vehicle into a ditch. He breaks some ribs and needs stitches as a result of the accident. Is it recordable?

Monkey Bite

Question: A macaque monkey bites an employee working in a research lab. Monkeys can be naturally infected with Cercopithecine Herpes Virus 1, also known as "B virus." At a physician's discretion an anti-viral treatment is initiated as a prophylactic treatment prior to determining whether or not the animal was a carrier. The monkey is later examined to reveal that the monkey does not test positive for B virus. Is it recordable?

Fingers Slammed in Car Door

Question: An employee pulls into the company parking lot at the start of the day. They exit their vehicle and lean against the truck door frame as they put on their work boots. A wind gust slams the truck's door on their hand and breaks two bones. Is it recordable?

COVID-19 Vaccine Injury

Question: An employee receives the COVID-19 vaccine as required by their employer. Due to a negative reaction to the vaccine, they become partially paralyzed and can no longer work. Is it recordable?

Company New Year Party

Question: An employee participates in an optional office New Year party that was put on by the company during one afternoon of a regular workday. A spill creates a slippery floor and the employee slips and breaks her arm. Is it recordable?

Domestic Terrorism: Explosion

Question: An explosion does widespread damage to an entire city block. Early reports indicate the explosion was caused by an RV that was parked on the street. One employee, who was working at his desk nearby and was injured by the explosion requires surgery to remove shrapnel from his shoulder. Is it recordable?

Injured at Customer's Home

Question: A North Pole Inc. employee begins work delivering presents. He takes a break from delivering presents to eat some milk and cookies. During his break he trips over a toy car that fell from his toy sack, striking his head against a large piece of coal which required 8 stitches. North Pole Inc., a company registered in Delaware, has clearly-written procedures about proper toy sack handling that the employee failed to follow. Furthermore, due to COVID-19 eating food samples is strictly prohibited. Is it recordable?

Reinfected with New COVID-19 Strain

Question: An employee who previously had a recordable by contracting COVID-19 at work from a coworker is reinfected with a new coronavirus variant. There is evidence it was contracted at a restaurant where there employee was entertaining clientele for work. The employee is prescribed medication by a doctor. Is it recordable?

Hackers Cause a Fire

Question: Hackers manage to overload a computer and start a fire inside an office space. One employee receives oxygen for smoke inhalation and a doctor prescribes medication and recommends the employee stays home for a week to recover. Is it recordable?

COVID-19 Hospitalization

Question: An employee is hospitalized for COVID-19 after he begins feeling ill at work. No one else in the office has tested positive for COVID-19, and no one tests positive or falls ill in the following month. It is unknown how or where the employee contracted COVID-19. Is it recordable?